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High School Skills has been formed to help students and parents with the transition from middle to high school by sharing with the student the skills required to be successful. We also bring you help during high school to prepare you for college. Our motto is “Learning Made Easy” and we believe that this is true.  You will find several products on this site to help simplify your learning process and make it easier. We have a book for purchase, a pdf version, or you may choose to use the VIP membership component so you can gain access to all of the information via video. As an example: All 12 secrets in A+ Secrets to a Smarter You are available in video format. They are videos from one of our previous training sessions.

We have Plan Your Dive, Dive Your Plan to help you transition from high school to college.  We also have a speed reading software package you should consider.

The following is a brief description of the authors of A+ Secrets to a Smarter you and Plan Your Dive, Dive Your Plan

About the Author of A+ Secrets to a Smarter You

Tim Kolp is a Mechanical Engineer with a Master’s in Business and has spent his career as an officer in the Air Force and in multiple engineering and management positions in the industrial sector. Always interested in entrepreneurship, he has started several companies over the years. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Union University.

What is important about Tim’s background is his performance in high school and college. He was not an A student. He struggled until his senior year in college, when he started to understand the secrets shared in this book. He applied the secrets while working on his master’s degree and determined that they worked for him. Years later, he started a family and shared his secrets/methods with his children, and they showed superior performance in high school. Simply put, the methods were working. His children aren’t any smarter than anyone else’s, they just knew the methods and received the encouragement of their parents to achieve some unbelievable grades.

At this point, Tim thought the approaches might be working, but was still unsure, so he started sharing the secrets with other students he knew. He shared them with his church students (he teaches religious education to eighth graders) and others. He heard very positive comments from the students applying the secrets and follow-up comments on how their grades were improving.

After working with these additional students and realizing the secrets worked, he decided to share this with every parent and student out there. He is not clinically trained on this material, but learned it through old-school trial and error.

“I hope all can learn these simple secrets to obtaining A’s in high school. If they do, they will find that the secrets work for all aspects of life” – Tim Kolp

About the Author of Dive Your Plan, Plan your Dive to College

Beth Dorris serves as a high school counselor at an academic magnet school in Tennessee. She brings over a decade of experience in teaching and guidance from Charleston, SC. She received her masters’ degree in Secondary School Counseling from The Citadel, Military College of the South, and her undergraduate degree from Western Kentucky University in Business and Marketing Education. She now lives in Hendersonville, TN, with her husband, John, and two redheaded daughters. She completed her Aspiring Leadership Institute in 2015 with future pursuits in Administration. Her passions include domestic and international travel, long-distance running, spending time with friends and family, caring for a yippy Chihuahua, and being active at church. She loves to entertain, cook, and make healthy dishes and desserts for whoever is brave enough to try them.