A+ Secrets to a Smarter You


A 78 page book describing the 12 secrets to better grades.  Simply put “Learning Made Easy”
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At Secrets to a Smarter You.
Learn the 12 secrets to better grades in school. Targeted for middle to high school students and those who want to know how learning can be easy.  We cover the 12 secrets to learning plus explain the “why” this works and the “how” to apply it. These secrets have helped many students obtain better grades with less work.  This 78 page book contains chapters for each secret  which include a quote, the “why”, the “how, frequently asked questions and a summary. Also included is a daily check list and a brief summary of each chapter.
Both students and parents/guardians should read this book and work together to better understand that learning can be easy.
Please select either PDF electronic version or a paperback book to be sent to you.  Allow 7 to 10 days for the paperback book to arrive. 

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